The following employment programs are offered by Perimeter Aviation:

AME Apprentice Program

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) are an Integral Part of Operations at Perimeter Aviation. As such, we participate in the AME Apprenticeship Program sponsored by the Province of Manitoba.

Apprentices are mentored and coached by our own highly experienced AMEs, and given an opportunity to work on a diverse fleet that includes M1 and M2 category aircraft. In addition, they also learn a variety of skills in both line and heavy maintenance checks to complete their log book, and facilitate the completion of Transport Canada required tasks. 

Aspiring Pilots: Flight Line Program

Aspiring pilots hoping to fly for Perimeter Aviation can anticipate working in ground-based positions anywhere from one (1) to two (2) years prior to advancing to flight-line (flying Perimeter aircraft). This period allows us to evaluate the potential Pilot's work ethic, on-time performance, professionalism, job performance, and attitude prior to advancing. The candidate also has the opportunity to learn about how the company operates internally, making the future transition to flight-line much easier for all involved.

Our goal is to motivate pilots to prove they have the appropriate mix of qualifications, performance, professionalism and attitude to join our flight-line team.

If you are an aspiring pilot and possess the following, we encourage you to apply today!

  • 200 hour minimum total flight time
  • Valid Commercial Pilot's License (CPL)
  • Current and valid Group One (1) Instrument Rating (Multi IFR)
  • Current and valid Category One (1) Medical