Employee Login Options

Unauthorized access to Perimeter’s VPN and internal network systems is strictly prohibited.

Perimeter employees have the following options for accessing the Perimeter network, company software, and various other systems from outside of our facilities:

  • Intranet: Provides access to the Perimeter Intranet from anywhere in the world; login using your Perimeter user name and password (you may need to enter perimeter\ before your user name).
  • VPN: Provides access to the Perimeter network, company email, etc.
  • Citrix: Provides access to some Perimeter software applications and the Perimeter Intranet, but does not provide access to any network drives.
  • Webmail: Provides access to your Perimeter Microsoft Outlook email account. 

If you have questions or issues logging into any of the above, please contact the Perimeter service desk via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..