Aeromed Aircraft


The Metro II Aeromed aircraft has a flying (fuel) range of up to 4 hours, with an abundance of space available for medical equipment, escorts, patients, and medical professionals.

Aircraft: Metro II (Swearingen SA226TC)
Speed: 260 knots
Range: 1040 nm
Carrying Capacity: 2 stretchers plus 5 extra seats


Medical Equipment in the Aircraft

Each Aeromed aircraft is equipped with Spectrum Aero Med systems, a removable Ferno number 9 stretcher, 3,400 L built in oxygen tank, suction unit, 115 VAC power, Physio Control Life Pak 15 Cardiac monitors, IV pump, plus all other equipment and supplies required by Manitoba Health Emergency Services Basic Air Ambulance licensing.

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In addition, each aircraft comes with a custom made stretcher lift with electric winch capable of supporting up to 800lbs, with an extra large rear cargo door (53”X 53”) to provide for easy transportation of all sized clients and over-sized wheelchairs.