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Merlin (Executive Charter)

The Merlin is a shortened executive-class version of the Fairchild Metroliner, capable of transporting up to 6 passengers per flight. With a cruising speed of 315 mph, and a range of 1700 statute miles, the Merlin is the fastest aircraft with the longest flight range in our fleet. It is easily capable of flying non-stop to any destination in North America, including airstrips with short gravel runways in adverse weather conditions. Passenger amenities include all-leather interior and full refreshment center (catering service is also available upon request).

Merlin (Executive Charter)


Speed 275 knots / 315 mph
Range 1700 Statute Miles
Passenger Load 6 passengers comfortably (7th seat is a lavatory)
Runway Requirements Length: Minimum 3,000 ft Width: Minimum 50ft
Cargo 700 lbs
Max Altitute 25,000 feet
Max T/O Weight 12,500 lbs
Payload For a 900 statute mile trip the payload is 1,770lbs. For every additional 100SM, reduce payload by 250lbs.

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