Metro II

The Fairchild Metroliner II (Metro II for short) is our second smallest aircraft, capable of transporting up to 9 passengers per flight. With a cruising speed of 300 mph, and a range of 1100 statute iles, the Metro II is a smaller, more cost-effective version of the larger Metro III. And just like the Metro III, the smaller Metro II is fully capable of flying into short gravel runways in adverse weather conditions.

Metro II


Speed 260 knots / 300 mph
Range 1100 Statute Miles
Passenger Load 9
Runway Requirements Length: Minimum 3,000 ft Width: Minimum 50ft
Cargo 2600 to 2800 lbs (large rear cargo door)
Max Altitude 25,000 feet
Max T/O Weight 12,500 lbs
Payload For a 200 SM trip the payload is 2,500lbs. For every additional 100SM, reduce payload by 250lbs. Note: If fuel is not available at destination, payload goes down.

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