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Executive Team

Joey Petrisor joined Perimeter Aviation September 2022 as President and CEO. With more than 25 years’ maintenance and cargo experience and an extensive background in quality assurance, Joey brings an operational focus and a hands-on approach to the organization. As President and CEO Joey is accountable for all aspects of business, including commercial objectives, operational performance, and financial success for Perimeter and its division Bearskin Airlines.

Throughout his career in aviation, Joey has held several leadership positions including VP of Maintenance and Cargo at Calm Air and Director of Maintenance at Transwest Air. In his most recent role as President of Alliance Maintenance, Joey successfully merged Keewatin Air, Calm Air, and Perimeter Aviation’s maintenance departments under a standalone Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) in Thompson, Manitoba.

A lifelong aviator, Joey holds a current Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) License and Commercial Pilots License. He also sits on the RRC Polytechnic AME Program Advisory Committee.

Joey enjoys family adventures that include spending time at the cabin and golfing with his wife and two children.

Michael started with Perimeter Aviation in 2002.  Prior to becoming the Director of Financial Planning & Analysis in 2016, Michael held various management and non-management positions with Perimeter, including roles in finance, accounting and materials procurement. Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified General Accountant. In his current role, Michael is primarily responsible for the company’s financial health, including financial planning, reporting and risk management. 

Cory became the VP of Flight Operations with Perimeter in the fall of 2019. Cory has 15 years of experience in many positions with Perimeter in both ground operations and pilot roles and also serving as a Chief Pilot for 4 years. He is responsible for planning, directing and implementing the strategic goals, business plans, financial forecast, operational performance, commercial initiatives and budget controls for the Flight Operations Department.

Brad’s journey with Perimeter Aviation began in 2012. Over the years, he has progressed through diverse roles within the company, culminating in his current position as Vice President of Commercial Services in 2023. Throughout his tenure, Brad has seamlessly navigated a spectrum of positions, encompassing both leadership and non-managerial capacities, leaving his mark on Flight Operations, Medevac Operations, and Ground Operations. Presently, his overarching responsibility encompasses the safety and efficiency of ground operations, spanning customer service, ramp operations, and cargo logistics.

Carlos joined Perimeter Aviation in 2004 and has held various non-management and management positions including Base Manager for Perimeter’s Thompson Base prior to becoming VP of Commercial Services in 2012. In 2020, Carlos assumed the role of Vice President Customer Service and in 2022 transitioned to Vice President of Business Development.  In 2023 Carlos accepted the role of Vice President, Northern Division and is responsible for the Northern region network, including safe and efficient operations throughout these locations.

Kevin Haney joined Perimeter Aviation in 2018 with over 30 years of aviation experience. He worked at Kuby’s Aircraft, Redditt Aviation, and Air Canada before joining Bearskin Airlines in 2007 as Crew Chief. Kevin’s passion for the aviation industry and his unwavering commitment to excellence saw him rise to the position of Director of Maintenance Operations at Perimeter Aviation in 2018.

As Vice President of Maintenance and PRM at Perimeter Aviation, he oversees the company’s maintenance operations, ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of all flights. His vast experience and dedication to aviation maintenance have earned him a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable leader in the industry.

When he is not working, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and relaxing on Lake of the Woods in Kenora.

Jonathan Lainen joined Perimeter Aviation in 2018. With over two decades of experience in the aviation industry, he brings a background in aircraft maintenance, extensive knowledge and experience in safety management, and a passion for aviation.

As the Vice President Quality and Safety, Jonathan is responsible for overseeing the company’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP), Safety Management System (SMS), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program, and the Security program. Jonathan supports his team in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and in achieving the highest standards of safety and quality.

Entrenched in aviation, Jonathan holds an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M2 License and has lead the safety team in his various roles as Quality Assurance Auditor and Director of Compliance (SMS Manager).

Leeann joined Bearskin Airlines in 2000 in a pricing, systems, and e-commerce role. Following the merger of Perimeter Aviation & Bearskin Airlines in 2018, Leeann held senior management roles in marketing and revenue management functions.  In 2022 Leeann was appointed Vice President Network & Revenue Management and leads a team responsible for network planning, alliances, revenue management, distribution, marketing and business development.

Debbie’s journey with Perimeter Aviation began in 2007, and she has achieved remarkable success in diverse positions. From Lead Medevac Flight Dispatcher to Medevac Operations Manager, she has a deep understanding of all operational aspects of the Aeromed Air Ambulance division. In 2023 as Director of SOCC & Medevac, Debbie ensures safe aircraft dispatch, oversees Medevac operations, and fosters a high-performing, efficient SOCC department.

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