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Baggage Policy


Free baggage allowance is 60 lb (27 kg) per ticket-holding passenger; any baggage in excess will be charged the applicable excess baggage rate (see chart below), and will be accommodated on a space-available basis. For information on seat blocking in order to guarantee space for priority excess baggage, please contact our Reservations department at 1-800-665-8986.

A maximum of 2 pieces are allowed for carry-on baggage, and are included in the checked baggage weight; the carry-on baggage must not exceed 40 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm in dimension; the maximum weight of carry-on baggage allowed (both pieces combined) is 13 lb (6 kg).

All baggage must be checked-in at once. No additional baggage will be accepted after passenger boarding passes have been issued.

All baggage must be properly packaged and taped, with identification attached to each item before check-in. Perimeter Aviation assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or delayed delivery of items that are considered valuable, fragile or perishable articles, money, jewelry, and negotiable papers. For your protection, pack such items, along with medication, etc., in your carry-on baggage or on your person.

Security inspections will be conducted in Winnipeg and Thompson, MB on all checked and carry-on baggage.

Some articles are not permitted in your carry-on OR checked baggage. For a list of these items please refer to our Allowed, Prohibited and Illegal Items documentation.


Baggage Claims

Perimeter Aviation is not liable for loss, damage, or delayed delivery of such items as valuable, fragile or perishable articles, medication, money, jewelry, and negotiable papers, nor for damage that resulted from improper packing, baggage or package defects, nor damage attributable to normal wear and tear such as zippers, scuffs, scratches, nicks, dents, missing straps, feet, clips and wheels.

Baggage is considered items tendered by a passenger to Perimeter at the time of check-in. It could be regular baggage as part of the free baggage allowance or excess baggage, they are both equally considered as baggage.  Missing or damage claims must be received within 7 calendar days of travel to be eligible for compensation.

For missing baggage please complete a Delayed Baggage Report.

For damaged baggage please complete a Claim Report.

Baggage carried on behalf of another passenger is not subject for compensation; please be sure to check-in your own baggage.

Please review our Local Domestic Tariff for more information about baggage liability.

Excess Baggage Rates

from/to Winnipeg rate per lb.
Brochet  $       4.76
Cross Lake  $       1.83
Deer Lake  $       1.12
Garden Hill  $       1.63
God’s Lake  $       1.73
God’s River  $       1.73
Lac Brochet  $       4.76
North Spirit Lake  $       1.12
Norway House  $       1.83
Oxford House  $       1.73
Pikangikum  $       1.12
Red Sucker Lake  $       1.73
Sachigo Lake  $       2.03
Sandy Lake  $       1.83
Shamattawa  $       2.60
South Indian Lake  $       2.65
St. Theresa  $       1.63
Tadoule Lake  $       4.76
Thompson  $       2.65
Weagamow Lake  $       2.05
York Landing  $       2.65


from/to Thompson rate per lb.
Brochet  $       2.11
God’s Narrows  $       1.48
God’s River  $       1.48
Lac Brochet  $       2.11
Oxford House  $       1.03
Shamattawa  $       2.11
South Indian Lake  $       1.03
Tadoule Lake  $       2.11
York Landing  $       1.03


from/to Thunder Bay rate per lb.
 Deer Lake  $       1.15
 North Spirit Lake  $       1.15
 Pikangikum  $       1.15
 Sachigo Lake  $       1.15
 Sandy Lake  $       1.15
 Weagamow Lake  $       1.15
Sioux Lookout  $       1.15


from/to Sioux Lookout rate per lb.
 Deer Lake  $       1.18
 North Spirit Lake  $       1.18
 Pikangikum  $       1.18
 Sachigo Lake  $       1.18
 Sandy Lake  $       1.18
 Thunder Bay  $       1.18
 Weagamow Lake  $       1.18


between northern communities rate per lb.
Inter-community  $       1.53

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