Connecting Rewards


Effective July 7, 2018 Perimeter Aviation’s Frequent Flyer Program will be re-branded as Connecting Rewards. In addition to a name change, the program will feature some changes including a major enhancement.

Partial redemption will be offered. Redeem 25%, 50% or 75% toward your flight and pay the balance in cash or with a credit card.

Please review our new Connecting Rewards Policy as well as (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions detailed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I currently have a frequent flyer account, what happens to my existing points?
    Your points will be transferred the next time you contact us to make a reservation. At that time, we will provide you with your new account number.
  2. My existing points will expire soon, will they have the same expiration date on the new program?
    The points being transferred to the new program will have a new expiration date. Please contact us next time you wish to make a reservation and we will let you know your balance and when they will expire.
  3. What happens to my previous Frequent Flyer card and number?
    Your old number will be your temporary login to access your account online at Once you are logged in, you will be assigned a new number.
  4. What is new in this Connecting Rewards Program?
    The biggest change is the ability to use points to partially pay for tickets. You can pay a quarter, half or three quarters of your ticket with points and the rest with cash.
  5. Can I transfer points?
    Yes, effective July 7, 2018 Connecting Rewards points can be transferred between accounts by paying a $20.00 fee.
  6. When will my points expire?
    Your new points earned in this program will expire 36 months after they were earned.
  7. What is the best way to check my balance?
    Starting July 7, 2018 you can check it online at and all you need is your login (old Frequent Flyer account) and the password you were using in the old program.
  8. Can somebody else collect points on my account?
    No, only the person travelling will be able to collect Connecting Rewards points in their own account.
  9. Can I collect and redeem points for my freight?
    Not yet, but we are considering it.
  10. I use to share my Frequent Flyer account with my family, can I still do that?
    The Connecting Rewards Program accrues and redeems points within individual profiles.  Each traveller requires their own profile.
  11. Why did the program change?
    We understand our customers are looking for more options to save money on travel. With the ability to partially purchase a ticket with points you will have more flexibility than ever to save money for your next trip.

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