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Bearskin Airlines

In the fall of 2017, our parent company, Exchange Income Corporation (TSX: EIF) made the decision to join Perimeter Aviation and Bearskin Airlines, to strengthen both airlines, and facilitate and encourage continued growth.  This merger included a mandate to keep the best of these two northern aviation icons and together explore and develop new offerings and services for our customers. The merger was completed at Dec 31, 2018.

Although technically Bearskin Airlines (the legal business entity) no longer exists, a decision was also made by Exchange Income Corporation to continue operating the Bearskin Brand of service within the new larger (Perimeter Aviation) airline.

Bearskin Airlines offers the fastest most direct linkages between NW and NE Ontario. No other airline offers nonstop and same aircraft service between Northern Ontario’s 5 largest cities, saving you up to 8 hours or more on round trip travel as compared to connecting via Toronto.

Bearskin Airlines’ Thunder Bay hub facilitates excellent connections to and from the major airlines between many NW Ontario communities, Toronto and beyond. In addition, Bearskin’s service between the Winnipeg International Airport and Sioux Lookout facilitates connections between communities served by Perimeter Aviation in NW Ontario and Winnipeg.

Bearskin’s interline Eticketing (IET) with Air Canada provides for the issuance of electronic airline tickets for travel on Bearskin Airlines and Air Canada within the same ticketed itinerary, making it easier for passengers to change travel plans while enroute. In addition, when connections are jeopardized due any reason, IET’s permit interline airlines involved in any part of the itinerary to easily reprotect passengers on each other’s flights without penalty.

Bearskin also distributes its fares and schedules via travel agency global distribution systems, making it easier for customers to see and buy Bearskin when traveling from markets further afield.

Connecting Horizons – Bringing Perimeter Aviation and Bearskin Airlines together allows for enhanced travel opportunities on both airlines throughout a much broader region by making one reservation, using one ticket and accessing one low fare.

Since 1963 Bearskin Airlines has established a tradition of providing safe, convenient, comfortable and reliable air service throughout the cities served.

Connecting Horizons