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Rescue Animal Policy

Policy Intent

Perimeter Aviation LP (the “Company”) intends to help Northern communities and rescue animal operations move animals from Northern communities to urban centres in order to obtain necessities of life and/or veterinarian care. This shall be done in accordance with Provincial and Federal Regulations.


For the purpose of this Policy, the following terms are defined as:

  1. Rescue Animal: an animal that is travelling alone, without its owner or caretaker travelling on the same aircraft.
  2. Animal Rescue Operation: whether law enforcement or civilian, identifies animal cruelty, recovers animals from substandard conditions, and makes every effort to give those animals better lives.
  3. OCS: On Company Service.
  4. Northern Community: an isolated community that Perimeter Aviation flies into and from that is not accessible by year-round road.
  5. Space Available: sufficient space and weight allotment to final destination without the requirement to bump other passengers, baggage and/or freight.
  6. Seat Block: guaranteed freight which may be purchased to guarantee that the rescue animal is shipped on a specific flight. The cost of a Seat Block is equivalent to a Freedom Fare ticket for the city pair applicable to the shipment, and must be paid for at the time of booking.


This Policy applies to rescue animals travelling within the Perimeter Aviation or Bearskin Airlines network, regardless of if they are scheduled or charter flights.

Condition of Rescue Animals at the Time of Acceptance

  • No animal shall be loaded or transported on Company aircraft if the animal shows any kind of infection, uncovered wounds, offensive odours.
  • Perimeter Aviation will transport rescue animals that have been injured and require medical care, however, Perimeter Aviation will not accept any liability for said animal with injuries.
  • No Rescue Animal will be transported if it has been sedated.

Acceptance of Rescue Animals

  • At the time the Rescue Animal is accepted for transportation, the Shipper must provide a completed Shipper’s Certification for Live Animals (PAL-CS-FORM-018).
  • Perimeter Aviation will only carry two containers/kennels on each flight.
  • Rescue Animals must be contained in containers that are “airline approved” type hard-sided and must be of a size that allows the animal to stand-up and turn around freely. The container/kennel and the animal shall not weigh more than 120 lbs and shall not be more than 90 linear inches (length + width + height).

  • The container must be leak-proof, escape-proof and claw-proof.
  • The container must permit handling without the risk of handling personnel being harmed by or harming the animal.
  • The container must contain some form of absorbent material.
  • Each container/kennel must only have one animal in the kennel unless it is a mom and her pups.
  • Rescue Animals must be dropped off at the Company facilities one hour prior to departure time from a Northern Community.
  • The Shipper must remain at the airport of departure until such time as the flight is airborne.
  • The Shipper must provide a phone number in the event that the flight is returned to the original departure station for any reason, and the Rescue Animal has to be picked up.
  • Rescue Animals will not be accepted when a flight may not reach the final destination due to weather conditions.
  • Rescue Animals will not be accepted on a flight that arrives at its final destination after 5:00 pm local time.
  • At the time of acceptance of the Rescue Animal, the Shipper must provide a name and contact number for the Receiver (person/organization accepting the Rescue Animal) at its final destination.
  • The Shipper must make prior arrangements for the Receiver to pick up the Rescue Animal and kennel within one hour of arrival of flight at final destination.
  • Prior to any Rescue Animal being boarded on Company aircraft, the Company will ensure that there is space and weight available on that aircraft from the departure station to its final destination.

Charges for Shipping Rescue Animals

  • Rescue Animals will be shipped on a “Space Available” basis from a Northern Community to Thompson, Winnipeg, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout or Thunder Bay.
  • Rescue Animals will be assessed at the Rush Cargo Rate less thirty percent (30%), but not below the minimum charge.
  • No Seat Block will be booked for this service unless a Seat Block has been purchased at the regular Seat Block rate.
  • Rescue Animals will not be shipped “OCS”.

Picking Up Rescue Animal at Final Destination

  • A Rescue Animal must be picked up within one hour of arrival at its final destination.
  • In the event that the Receiver does not pick up the Rescue Animal and cannot be contacted by telephone within two hours of arrival, the Company will surrender the Rescue Animal to an animal shelter, and all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the Receiver.
  • The Receiver must provide the Company with proof of identity.
  • Upon arrival at the final destination, the Rescue Animal will be brought inside the cargo warehouse to be protected from the elements until such time as it is picked up.

Returning Containers to Northern Stations

  • Perimeter Aviation will, upon receipt of an empty, cleaned, and sanitized kennel, transport the kennel back to a Northern Station assessed at the General Cargo rate.
  • Kennels will be shipped as and when space and weight is available on the aircraft.

Returning Animals to Northern Communities

  • Animals being transported back to the Northern Communities will be accepted at the regular Animal rate.

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