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Accessible Aviation Services

At Perimeter Aviation, we are committed to creating an environment of accessibility and inclusion for everyone, including people with disabilities. We believe in treating all individuals with dignity and respect, and strive to meet the needs of those who may face barriers. As a transportation provider, we are subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations.

We understand the importance of ensuring our services and information are accessible to everyone. As such, we are continuously working to improve our website to meet the highest standards of accessibility, in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 2.0 Level AA Internet standards.

Requesting Accessibility Accommodations & Alternate Formats

If you require an accommodation to access our services or information, please contact us. Alternate formats are available in print, large print, Braille, or audio format (English). Requests for documentation in Braille or audio format must be fulfilled within 15 business days of request. All other requests must be fulfilled within 15 business days.

Perimeter Aviation Accessibility Plan and Policies

We have a comprehensive, accessibility plan in place to meet the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations (ATPRR). The Perimeter Aviation Accessibility Plan outlines our three-year commitment for improving applicable measures and accessibility throughout the company. The plan is a living document and will be updated regularly as new developments take place and feedback is provided. View Perimeter Aviation’s Accessibility Plan 2023-2026, including Statement of Commitment and Feedback Process.

View our 2023-2026 Accessibility Plan, including Statement of  Commitment and Feedback Process in French.

View Perimeter Aviation LP Accessibility Progress Report 2023-2026

View Perimeter Aviation LP Accessibility Progress Report 2023-2026 in French


We value and welcome your feedback to help us improve and plan for the future. If you would like to provide feedback about the ATPDR or join our Accessibility Working Group, please submit by:

Anonymous Feedback Form: Complete form.

Scan and Email: [email protected]
Toll-free number: 1-800-665-8986
Telephone number: 1-204-783-8000 ext 4213
Fax: 1-204-784-4686


  1. Dial 711 to access the Bell TTY Relay Service
  2. After the operator gives you the go ahead, type in 1-833-984-0896 and then type GA
  3. The operator will dial the number for you and will let you know as soon as someone answers the call.
  4. You will then proceed to use the teletype to communicate with the operator, and the operator will act as a translator to Perimeter Aviation.


Accessibility Feedback
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Perimeter Aviation will acknowledge receipt of feedback, other than anonymous feedback, in the same method it was received.


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