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Travel Information

Perimeter Aviation reserves the right to change tariffs and flight schedules without notice. Perimeter Aviation also reserves the right to re-route or combine flights in order to maintain daily service.

Passengers who compromise the safety of a flight may have their travel privileges suspended.

Passengers can be denied boarding due to insufficient identification, and/or incapacitation due to alcohol or drugs, and/or safety concerns.

Stretcher passengers are not permitted on scheduled passenger flights; however, they can be transported on charter or medevac flights.

If extra time and/or assistance is required when boarding the aircraft, or if you require a special lift onto an aircraft, please inform the booking agent when making your reservation to ensure that the proper equipment is available when you arrive.

Some articles are not permitted in carry-on OR checked baggage. For a list of these items please refer to ourĀ Allowed, Prohibited and Illegal Items documentation.

Please take a moment to review our local domestic tariff.