Flight Follower- Applicant Pool

Department: SOCC
Posted: April 22, 2019
Deadline: Indefinite

Our Company

Established in 1960 and based in Winnipeg and Thompson Manitoba, Perimeter Aviation LP has grown into a diversified airline company with more than 600 employees, operating a fleet of 30+ aircraft in a scheduled air service to Manitoba and North Western Ontario. In addition to our scheduled passenger and freight service, 24/7 North American charter service, Medical evacuation services and a full service maintenance facility including design engineering, NDT, and Garrett turbine engine services.

Position Summary

The Flight Follower is the key position responsible and accountable for the coordination and communication of all aircraft movements and aircraft positioning. The Flight Follower is also responsible and accountable for assisting in the planning, directing, coordinating and communicating of all aspects of Perimeter’s aircraft operations, both ground and air to all departments within the company.

The Flight Followers on a rotational basis complete shifts of flight following duties, as well as shifts completing day of crewing duties. Daily crew assignments are based on a monthly schedule produced by the crew planner(s).

Responsibilities and Accountabilities will be different dependent on what shift rotation is scheduled (Daily crewing or Flight following)

The Flight Follower is a member of the SOCC and is also responsible for maintaining an active safety management system (SMS) that includes all aspects of Perimeter’s flight operations, both ground and air.


Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Maintain the airline management software which includes each departure and arrival for every Perimeter flight as per Company policies.
  • When scheduled a crewing shift, ensure that updated information is provided to SOCC, Commercial Operations and the Flight Dispatch Centre as the airline management software is updated.
  • When scheduling a crewing shift, ensure that all flight crew have checked in and/or been notified of their flight schedule in accordance with Company policies.
  • Assist with ensuring that customer requirements are met on all flights with respect to flight crew and other items that may arise after hours.
  • Possess the ability to make informed decisions without compromising internal policies/ procedures.
  • Provide training and mentoring to new flight followers, ensuring that the SOCC is maximizing operational effectiveness.
  • Monitor airline management software, consulting and communicating with all departments to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Communicate to all departments when an irregular operations (IROP) situation occurs.
  • Predict “real time” and organize all flights through the airline management software.
  • Assign aircraft to flight blocks and work with the maintenance department to schedule aircraft for maintenance on a daily basis through the Flight Operations board.
  • Work with Crew Scheduling to communicate flight assignment changes to appropriate crew members.
  • Assist Commercial Operations when required in assessing passenger loads and organizing aircraft to maximize customer service and efficiency in “real time”.
  • Perform flight following, including entering all times into airline management and answering all radio calls from crews.
  • Work with department managers to understand the basic workings of each department.
  • Perform regular QC audits.
  • Identify and recommend efficiency opportunities to management, which will improve upon daily processes to capture operational efficiencies (i.e. improve reporting accuracy, completeness, timeliness, routes that need more/less capacity).
  • Demonstrate positive and respectful teamwork by providing ongoing support and assistance to the overall Flight Operations Control Centre, understanding how your performance may affect the Operations Department.
  • Actively demonstrates the willingness to share knowledge and learn from others, i.e. participation at Flight Operations Centre meetings and other department meetings, training events, point of contact with NAV Canada Facilities.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum Grade 12 diploma; prior experience in operations and/or flight coordination preferred but not required
  • Transport Canada Generic Dispatch Exams (FDMET and FDOPS) considered a strong asset
  • Canadian Radio License (Aeronautical) required
  • Strong customer service experience considered an asset
  • Knowledge of Airline Management software(s) and/or Microsoft Office is considered a strong asset
  • Aboriginal Awareness and/or Cultural Diversity training considered an asset

How to Apply

Perimeter Aviation’s hiring policy is to recruit and select the best applicant for employment solely on the basis of their qualifications for the position. Perimeter Aviation LP does not discriminate against applicants based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or a conviction for which a pardon has been granted.

To apply for this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to:


We thank all candidates for their interest in the position; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis which may result in an earlier application deadline.

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